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SunnyWorld Self-developed Automatic Solar Cell Stringer into Mexico

Source: 2016-06-21

    A Mexico photovoltaic manufacturer showed his great interest in our stringer machine H530 at the end of 2015, meanwhile our SUNNYWORLD stringer machine has already into India, Turkey, USA, Canada, Singapore, Egypt, South Africa and other countries. Although so many suppliers in China and other countries, he decided to choose us to be his supplier after long time comparing, and consideration. 

    We finished the installation, debugging, and examination of the machine on time after contract signed. And the machine arrived on customer’s factory at the beginning of June, 2016. Now, we have sent our engineer to Mexico for one-week training of machine operation. Customer feedbacks to us with highly approval for our after-sales service and machine performance. This is the first SUNNYWORLD stringer machine into Mexico market, which we believe it’s the good beginning.

    We believe that more and more SUNNYWORLD stringer machines will be showed in more and more countries with the effort of our team.

Aguascalientes, Mexico, training service providing:




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